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Day 8 at COP28 is a Rest Day. As participants take a short break from intense climate negotiations and announcement, we at Uniqus present a snapshot of the progress made at the conference thus far, through the lens of COP28’s four cross-cutting themes:

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber

COP28 President-Designate,
UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change, and
Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology

Key Announcements (7th December 2023)


Technology and Innovation

COP28 has served as a pivotal platform for advancing global climate goals through a strong focus on technology and innovation. A pledge to triple renewable energies by 2030 from at least 123 countries highlights a collective ambition to embrace innovative technologies for clean energy production.[1] Simultaneously, methane reduction pledges from countries and oil & gas majors underscore the role of technology as a key enabler in addressing specific challenges.[2] Furthermore, many technological tools that can assist in the fight against climate change have been announced at COP28 including the Methane Alert and Response System and Climate TRACE.[3]
COP28 emphasizes technology as not only integral to specific climate solutions but also an essential component in the assessment and alignment of climate commitments. As discussed through a major side event, the intersection of Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs) with Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) signifies a strategic approach to identifying, prioritizing, and implementing climate technologies, emphasizing the crucial role of innovation in achieving long-term climate objectives.[4] Furthermore, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) unveiled the newest edition of the ‘Green Technology Book’, focusing on climate change mitigation and showcasing critical innovations in key sectors like Industry, Agriculture & Land Use, and Cities.[5]



COP28 highlights the critical role of finance in driving global climate initiatives. Indeed, a recent report estimated that the developing world will require USD 2.4 trillion annually to address climate change.[6] The climate summit has seen substantial financial pledges from various stakeholders working to meet that objective, with financial commitments from COP28 alone totaling over USD 83 billion thus far.[7] Financial commitments serve as crucial building blocks for implementing sustainable solutions, fostering resilience, and mitigating the impacts of climate change globally. Pledges not only address immediate needs but also lay the groundwork for sustained efforts to combat climate change, spanning various climate action imperatives – such as renewables, technology, methane reductions, agriculture, climate adaptation, and health. Here is a summary of major pledges thus far:
1. Global Climate Solutions Fund: The UAE pledged USD 30 billion for a new fund supporting climate-friendly projects worldwide, with USD 5 billion earmarked for developing nations and USD 25 million for climate strategies.[8]
2. Asian Development Bank (ADB) Climate Investment: ADB allocated USD 10 billion for climate investment in the Philippines over the next five years.[9]
3. Latin America and the Caribbean Investment: The Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAF) committed to investing over USD 2 billion annually through 2030 to combat climate change in the region.[10]
4. Climate Financing Venture: Charitable donors, including the Bezos Earth Fund, collaborated with the World Bank's private investment arm to generate $11 billion in investments for developing countries.[11]
5. Green Climate Fund Pledges: The Green Climate Fund, the world's largest fund supporting climate action in developing countries, received pledges of $3.5 billion during the event, including major contributions from the United States.[12]
6. Loss and Damage Fund: Contributions to the Loss and Damage Fund, designed to help poorer countries cope with climate change impacts, have totaled over USD 700 million, with notable contributions from Italy and the Netherlands. That said larger contributions are required to meet annual estimates for the cost of climate damages.[13]
7. UAE Banks' Green Finance Pledge: UAE banks committed to mobilizing AED 1 trillion (~USD 270 billion) in green finance in the future.[14]
8. World Bank's Climate Funding Increase: The World Bank stated it would aim to increase climate funding to 45 percent of total lending, translating to an annual increase of USD 9 billion per year.[15]
9. Renewable Energy Investment: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners stated intentions to raise USD 3 billion for a new fund focused on building renewable energy projects in emerging and middle-income countries.[16]
10. Arab Energy Fund's Decarbonization Investment: The Arab Energy Fund committed to investing up to USD 1 billion over the next five years in decarbonization technologies in the Middle East and North Africa.[17]
11. Health Financing: The UAE and other global partners pledged USD 777 million in financing for eradicating neglected tropical diseases, expected to worsen with rising temperatures.[18]


Frontline Communities

COP28 recognizes the crucial role of frontline communities in addressing the interconnected challenges of climate change and social inequalities. These communities, often marginalized and disproportionately affected by climate change, are bringing invaluable perspectives and expertise to the forefront of discussions at COP28. For example, refugee activists have urged leaders to view frontline communities as experts in environmental stewardship, underscoring the need for inclusive decision-making as they face unique challenges such as denial of Indigenous rights.[19] Notably, on ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Indigenous Climate Action released the ‘Indigenous Rights and Sovereignty in International Climate Policy: A Systemic Analysis’ report, concluding that nations usually fail to respect the rights of Indigenous communities to participate in decision-making and veto climate policies that harm their rights.[20]



COP28 demonstrates a dual focus on broadening participation and ensuring inclusivity in climate action. The call for revised NDCs emphasizes the need for sustained ambition among participating nations. COP28 hosted a ‘Gender Equality’ Day, culminating in the announcement of a ‘Gender-Responsive Just Transitions & Climate Action Partnership’, underscoring the commitment to ensuring a just transition inclusive of women.[21] Inclusion has extended to persons with disabilities and frontline communities, with dedicated spaces and events recognizing their perspectives.[22]

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