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Reflections from the COP28 Summit

The COP28 summit, hosted in Dubai, UAE, concluded with optimism and apprehension as world leaders grappled with the intricate challenges around climate negotiations. H.E. Dr. Sultan al-Jaber, serving as the COP28 President, opened the conference with a resounding call for collaboration, stating, “The urgency of the climate crisis demands unprecedented collaboration. Our success lies in bridging gaps and finding common ground.” Echoing this sentiment, UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) leadership including Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell, emphasized the need for concrete outcomes and global cooperation to address the pressing challenges we are currently facing effectively.

The world is at a critical junction today, and COP28, with its first Global Stocktake, must strive to create the most significant push to achieve global and national climate change goals. Uniqus is closely monitoring all the developments around COP28, aiming to identify risks and opportunities deriving from the discussions and negotiations by the world leaders and their impacts on both governments and businesses.


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